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My name is Deepak Kabade,
I have been tattooing since 2005. I dropped myself from tattooing by 2010,
since I was quite interested in Electronic gadgets, I went on dealing with different gadgets one after the other,
but in the mean time I used to do tattoos at home! By 2013, when my Nephew Amit AP initiated a tattoo studio,
I joined my hands with him and set up the Hubli Tattoo Studio as it's Co-Owner.
As I was a specialized artist in Tattoo making, I wanted to learn about tattoo removing as well,
so I pursued a course in Tattoo removing and today I am a specialist in Tattoo removal as well.
I am a specialized artist in Micro blading/shading, Lip blush, Hair micro pigmentation & BB glow.
We together have created thousand of tattoos and will continue to do it further as well


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