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Hi, my name is Amit AP, I was born in 1996, In early 2000's I was already kneeling before the TV drawing Johnny Bravo with crayons based on the screen, with the screen paused.
Tattoo culture found me in 2010, that is when I decided this is what I want to do, to create art on skin not on just paper.
In 2013 I opened my own tattoo studio, where I practiced tattoo artist for 2 years. By 2015,
I moved to Moksha Tattoo,Goa to pursue certification in Tattoo art , where I was very much inspired by Mukesh Waghela,
who also helped me in being a perfect tattoo artist. I am a specialzed artist in Geometrical, Realism,Semi-Realism, Black and Grey,
Calligraphy, Minimalist, Semi colour and Custom designed arts.
Since Hubli tattoo studio is my dream child, I have been taking care of the studio where I have created thousands of Tattoos,
I have designed tattoos as per the interest of my clients, it's been an amazing experience till date and I'd love to keep on creating many more tattoos.
I have also been a specialist in body piercings where I gained interests by watching videos on different platforms.
I also found out that permanent makeup is a pretty interesting profession and hence completed a course in it,
I am a specialzed artist in Micro blading/shading,Eyes brow, Lip blush, Hair micro pigmentation And BB glow


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